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Art by Judit

Unique art creations: mosaic,   tapestry and jewelry

Art by Judit

The love for art and the expressiveness of colors and shapes enticed me to create the artwork I seem to "purge" since 2020 .
An extensive range of materials, tools and equipment, are used to create various projects of artwork. I  enjoy using various media for my representations  of nature, 
abstract and everyday surroundings.

Our Products

Our Extensive Collection

Mosaic shards...hand cut

Once I started creating art work I was totally hooked. No matter waht media I used, my goal was to reproduce a feeling , an impression. For me, nature is  a source of endless inspiration.

van Gogh themed Pug mosaic


The driving force for creating jewelry is the joy of creating beautiful pieces and sharing it with my customers.

(The piece in the picture is made of natural stones, metal and Italian hand creafted beads. The chocker can be used as bracelet as well. Enclosure is magnetic and easy to use)


Small pleasures...

Feeling like getting something special?  There is a wide  selection of smaller items just the thing. Whether you’re looking for something for yourself, gifts or because you found something you cpould not live without... here are so many choices .

Picture frames, garden rocks, 2 inch mini mosaics ,mosaic birds with wind chimes, small mosaic hearts, jewelry ...lots of art pieces to enjoy.


Threads and yarns...

Textures of softness of wool are entwined with silky smoothness of bamboo threads and natural silk, thereafter accentuated with sturdy cotton and acrylic yarns... to create a symphony of colors, textures and shapes. 


Custom Orders Welcome

Please contact me via email for custom orders 

If you widh to have a personalized artwork, I would be pleased to create a very special design for you. 



Thanks for submitting!

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