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"Seasons"mosaic wall decor

"Seasons"mosaic wall decor

 ."Seasons" mosaic wall decor". Mixed media: mosaic, fine porcelain and natural beads installed on a thin, light weight cement board.  



    1. Size: 15.5x 21.5 inches
    2. Indoors use. Possible placements: living room, bedroom, family room, office space.
    3. The four leaves are symbolizing the seasons trough coloring and shape. While the top one is bright, upright and green , the bottom one is dark and spent bending downwards. Each mosaic piece is carefully selected and cut by hand; they are placed on the base to create variations of colors, textures and focal points. This mosaic is not grouted but built in the thinset to create additional spacial effect and enchance the individual features of the mosaics.

     Return and Refund policy. Customers can return the art work in the same condition as shipped for 30 days in case they are dissatisfied with their purchase. The return will be paid by the buyer. The full refund will be given once the product returned in good condition. Refund, exchange or replacement are going to be fulfilled as agreed with the buyer.


    Shipping: sent by regular mail unless othershipping arrangements  are made by seller and buyer, via email . Packaging and handling are free. Cost of shipping is not included unless otherwise agreed between seller and buyer. 

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