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My main goal for my artistic expression is to create meaningful art. My desire is to relate or share a moment in time, a reflection, a feeling about how amazing life is. I am inspired by nature and human feelings, both fascinating and infinitely complex.I want to entice the viewer to dream, imagine, take a moment to pause, connect with their inner self.  

Even as a young child I loved nature,  the outdoors; I spent lots of time studying the delicate details of plants and admired the magic reflections of light on trees and water;I was amazed by the expressive colors and luminosity of nature. 

I attended the Art School in Baia Mare, Tregion of Transylvania, Romania, for 12 years. There I had the chance to experiment and study various media: painting, sculpting, textile  and graphic art.

In recent years, I discovered mosaics and started experimenting and creating unique pieces. Also, I went back to another favorite media: tapestry. The hardness  and robustness of the mosaic contrasts with the softness of  weaving  a tapestry; therefore I enjoy using  both medias for various forms of expression. Here trough my artwork I wish to share my whimsical, peaceful or dreamy moments with you.


Judit Dan

Orange County, CA

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